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Last Post of the Day.

Lucky you. You get one more post for today. This is a character hairstyle and facial feature concept (eye shadow, lip color, eye color etc.). I hope you like it.

Art for Print/Publishing Photoshop Tutorial

As someone who is interested in art, and particularly digital art, I often run across websites of people who are trying to get their worked published in book form. They either plan on self-publishing or going the old fashioned route of finding someone who will publish their book. It's usually a children's book. I often hear these same people tell stories of how the art for their project looked great on the screen but once they printed it out using whatever printing service they chose (usually for the purposes of making a mock-up of the book) the art was dull and the details had washed out. I've worked in publishing before and have had numerous children's books featuring my art appear in stores like Barne's and Noble etc. I often found myself in the same predicament...

Here’s some sketches for some different types of rocks/rock formations that could maybe be incorporated into the environments.

August 31 - 2013

Level Streaming Update

Cool, so I got the game switched out to load the streaming scenes instead of asset bundles! It's a little janky at the moment, I need to clean up the code in that area and make it solid. Also, the progress bar isn't showing up so the screen just looks black and frozen but its working correctly and the scene eventually loads. Will need to get that all fixed up and solid again. Anyways, w00t! Technical progress achieved July 31 - 2013...

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