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Here’s an art flashback of a health capsule I designed a while back. Just thought I’d share it.

Since we’re now at the point in development where we’re going to need a bunch of outfit ideas for the characters it’s time to start busting these things out. I’ll be trying to come up with everything possible to get an array of character designs.



Here’s some sketches for some different types of rocks/rock formations that could maybe be incorporated into the environments.

August 31 - 2013

Here’s a concept for a statue asset. Just something the users might encounter on the journey.


March 11 - 2013

Here are some ideas for warp concepts. One is sorta magic crystally. The two sci fi looking things on the bottom right are in case we want to go in a more technological direction with this. I imagine those devices would make the same sorta glowing green stuff that the crystals are making.

December 28 - 2012