Occlusion Culling + Other Neat Things

So before we tried to use Unity’s Occlusion Culling system, but it didn’t really . . . work, very well. It was very difficult to tweak and there was quite a bit of overhead involved with it. (For those who do not know, Occlusion Culling is the process of hiding objects so they do not render, based on whether or not the player can “see” them. It’s a great optimization technique, when it works)

Well, it appears the guys at Unity have been updating the Occlusion Culling system and it works great now! So what does this mean?

It basically means we can have more objects on screen at any given time but it will still perform as good as, if not better than what it was before! So this is exciting and should really help push the visual fidelity of Meridian Core to better heights.

I also worked on a new system for creating the player camera. It’s much easier to control and set up Image Effects, like Bloom, and Light Shafts.

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