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Model Revisions

Ok so I think the model is fixed / good to go now. I adjusted parts of her. Once she was rigged its like the model lost a lot of mass, so she looked really skinny. I beefed her up just a little bit and it looks good now when she is rigged. Testing the ability to change chest size, in case people want smaller / bigger boobs.

New Character Rig

Got the new character rig built from scratch! Has a lot of features that I wanted the other one to have. Basic pose test on the right, still needs cleanup but its 98% there. 257769_220945911256662_513068_o...

Character Face

Working on the new female face and texture. I have the shader setup pretty cool now, so the lips are changeable and I have an extra layer setup so we can put face tattoos, scars, makeup, whatever on an extra layer, as seen by the crappy tattoo on the right. Eyes will be able to change color, lips, decoration layer and maybe later we can change eyebrows too.

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