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Login – Restructured

Login is now restructured. Have it so it remembers the last character you logged in with, and auto selects it. Next up, I am going to make it remember the last area your character was in, and upon login, starts off there. Almost done with the login sequence. Once its done we can play it again.

Version Checker

Game Updater and Version Checker complete. Now refining and updating character selection window. Adding temporary character preview but will have to be updated once editable characters are implemented. Adding server side user variables for added security.

Starting Development

Also adding a game version checker, to make sure that the game client is up to date and the latest version. The game version checker will check what version the game is and compare it to the version on the server, and if its not up to date the game will not start, instead it will tell you to clear your cache and reload the game.

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