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New Image Effects!

Messing around real quick with some different image effects that we could use. For this I was messing around with Unsharp Mask, Bloom and Sun Shafts. Neat stuff! And we can have it so if we want to do these sorts of effects, we can toggle them on or off so people with not as powerful pcs and disable the effects to speed up frame rate. June 15 - 2013...

New Texturing Technique Working.

AAAAAAND now I have the textures working on the new objects! It wasn't quite working correctly (although it looked like it with the test terrain) but its working correctly now and it bases the angle off the normal map instead of the geometry, meaning it has much more visual detail between the blending. AND, you can swap the layered texture out for something like, say, snow and you have a snow based world instead of moss. May 5 - 2013...

Sculpted a new rock! And an example of how 1 rock can look like many! This is only 1 rock duplicated and rotated 11 times. Polycount is about as much as 2 characters (which is good!) Also, I tried to make this archway rock structure that you had in one of your concepts. Kinda didn’t end up looking too much like the original. Might do another stab at this so it matches the reference a little better.

May 2 - 2013_2May 2 - 2013

It’s been a while since I posted to the page on what I have been working on, so here it is! New custom terrain surface shader! Like I was telling you on the phone, it’s doing quite a few neato things. It has a moss / snow / whatever layer that is dependent upon slope angle, as well as a slider to control the amount of growth. In addition to that you can tell it where you absolutely do NOT want it to grow by painting the vertex colors of it. It also has a dirt layer that you can manually paint where you want dirt to appear. On top of all this, I’ve found a few interesting things about light mapping. Before I was having issues with normal maps showing up using the standard lightmap setup. Well Unity has this thing called Directional Lightmaps, so it bakes a traditional lightmap as well as what appears to be a lightmap normal map. Anyways, it basically makes it look normal mapped but with light mapping and it actually runs faster than using just a single lightmap (go figure) anyways I say we use them. Here’s a screen shot:


April 1 - 2013

Got our own custom cube map reflection shader working! W00t! Now we can have really shiny, pretty items to pick up.. Whats cool is it uses a fresnel effect on the reflection, which means it gets more reflective the more glancing off an angle you view it from. AND, since its cube map “reflections” its very cheap and fast to render. YAY!


December 22 - 2012