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Here’s an art flashback of a health capsule I designed a while back. Just thought I’d share it.

Since we’re now at the point in development where we’re going to need a bunch of outfit ideas for the characters it’s time to start busting these things out. I’ll be trying to come up with everything possible to get an array of character designs.



I’ve been working on texturing the character model. Eventually the player will be able to choose from multiple skins, eye colors, hair colors, lip colors etc., but gotta take it one step at a time.

Here are some screen grabs of what I’ve got so far.

Character-Texture---Front-LegsCharacter-Texture---Hands Character-Texture---Front-ViewCharacter-Texture---Face Character-Texture---Back-View

This isn’t quite finished, but I figured it’s in a place that i can show it. I’ll try to get to it at some point later in the week and post the final.


Spiderfish. Spiderfish. Does whatever a spiderfish does…..


You may encounter this little poisonous amphibian at some point in the game.