Planning out enemy spawning

Still working on enemy spawning. It’s coming along good. It MAY be too early to state this (and I might regret it later), but things are looking REALLY promising with the system that I have in my brain. I’ve figured out how to store data for the monsters, as well as door locked / unlocked states, items collected states, basically anything that needs to happen in a mission and how to propagate that data to everyone who is playing the mission.Getting really close to having monsters in the game now. It MAY go a LOT smoother than what I had anticipated. Granted there has been a lot of thinking going on up until now about how to implement this.The only question remaining is how well the system performs. Like, if there is a noticeable lag involved with it or not. I am hoping, and somewhat confidant that it will be pretty responsive, but this is all speculation until we do some real number crunching. Time to keep grinding away . . .

Getting really really excited now. This is by far the most complex part of the whole game, and also the most important. Once we get past this milestone we’re pretty much gold. That’d be awesome to have monsters wrapped up by the end of the month and be at least one month ahead of schedule XD

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