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Light Probe Lighting – Improved!

So after loading the Kwipid model into the game we noticed that the light probe lighting was looking very flat and washed out. Not appealing at all. So we tweaked the shader code to modify the light probe lighting and it looks a lot better. There's actual definition in the shape of the creature. Yay! pengu-wip_08 pengu-wip_09...

Kwipid Animation Rig

Finished rigging up the Kwipid model. I think we can push it into some pretty ridiculous poses and I think it will be pretty entertaining. Can't wait to put him in a mission so we can beat the crap out of it. pengu-wip_05...

Wall Jumping Refined

So while the wall jumping worked ok, I added a few more tweaks to it to make it work better. Before it was working by raycasting alone and a simple distance check. Now it takes into account the surface normal so we can account for the angle the player is facing towards the wall. I also got tired of looking at the blank grey sky, so I threw the clouds skybox from the old forest level back in. Surprisingly it makes the level feel a lot different, but better. Really comes alive now.

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