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City on Bridge

Here's a quick background concept. I plan on getting a better looking version of this eventually but this is as far as the idea has gone at this point. Craziness October 13th 2011...

Here’s a monster design that I imagine would look good in the first location of the game…..July 28 - 2011

More Creature SKetches! I imagine the spiderfish could shoot poison out of his mouth. I was also thinking it could lay an egg out of it’s mouth that hatches into another one of those same creatures if you don’t kill it fast enough


…..June 24 - 2011_2June 24 - 2011__3June 24 - 2011

Since we recently went over the idea of there being an equipable backpack in the game I thought it might be a good idea to mock one up.  June 15 - 2011

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