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.Here are some sketches that i actually did in my sketchbook for once. I like the gun designs on the bottom of that image. The other sketches are for plants…June 14 - 2011 June 14 - 2011_2

Gonna start working on some character hairstyles. I figure we give them some different hairstyles to choose from at the beginning of the game and obviously they’ll be able to change colors etc. so the user will feel like they can make the experience more personal that way.

..June 12 - 2011_5June 12 - 2011_4June 12 - 2011_2June 12 - 2011_3June 12 - 2011

Forest Cave Concept

Don't ask me why this is taking so long. I'm not finished yet, but I figured I'd upload it just so you could see how it's turning out so far. I image the large mushrooms being larger than a full character. Maybe 1.5 x the size.
Forest Cave With Mushrooms

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