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Got the Experience System working correctly! And fixed the enemy spawn issue when someone joins after enemies have spawned.. Also messing around with particles to see what kind of effects we can achieve with them, like animated ground fog in the cave! w00t!



November 29 - 2012

MERIDIAN CORE ONLINE NOW COMES WITH 100% MORE SHOULDER ARMOR ICONS!!! Actually, I might have to change the background on a couple of those so the shoulder armor isn’t the only one that pops that much.

June 27 - 2012

Monster Spawning Working Correctly Now

383876_307577849260134_2124729325_n Finally got monster spawning working correctly now. So we can set up "zones" that when a player walks into it, it will spawn the appropriate monsters associated with that zone. What's great is this is all done server side, so no one can hack it. Also, since it's server side, you can build 'lists' of monsters that should spawn based on certain conditions. So if you are in a low level version of the mission, it will maybe spawn a monster at spawn point 1 but not spawn point 2. If you are in a harder mission, it will spawn a monster at spawn points 1 and 2. Also whatever monster it spawns can be random from a certain list of monsters. This way we can pick and...

Super Bug – SQUASHED!

God so I ran into a bug when I was working on doing the Enemy Spawn Groups. So basically when someone enters a trigger, it will tell the server to spawn the monsters associated with the group and send a response back to the clients so they can update accordingly. WELL for some reason it was sending it 3 times, which in itself was not too bad, but it slowed the game down for a split second and I couldn't figure out why and it was bugging the crap out of me. Figured it out. It's fixed now. There was 1 line of code that had a '+' when it should have been '-'. *sigh* Anyways, now it works great and its solid. I guess it's good I am a bit OCD otherwise I probably would have...

Oh Snap! Lucky Find!

Oh and PS - I inadvertently found out how to cut the amount of data the server sends by half! HALF! So this is great news. The less data the server sends, the more responsive it will be, and the less laggy it will be. w00t w00t!