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Here’s the latest character sketch I’ve been working. I’m hoping I’ll have time to finish this one up within the next two weeks, but am suuuuuper busy right now so who knows?



This is just another character sketch for today. I’m trying to throw as many ideas out there as possible so when it comes time to start creating these outfits we’ll have a lot to work with.



Character Sketch

This is a quick sketch that I worked on tonight. Trying to design some original characters that will end up being in the game. Since the characters are fully customizable, and yes we’ve already got that part of the code working completely, it’ll be up to me to design a wide array of different outfits and character personalities to match the diverse┬ápersonalities of the users we hope will be playing this title.


Last Post of the Day.

Lucky you. You get one more post for today. This is a character hairstyle and facial feature concept (eye shadow, lip color, eye color etc.). I hope you like it.