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Since we’re now at the point in development where we’re going to need a bunch of outfit ideas for the characters it’s time to start busting these things out. I’ll be trying to come up with everything possible to get an array of character designs.



I don’t know why. I couldn’t help myself. This is a gun design that would literally need some sort of levitating technology to make it even remotely manageable for your character to handle. Maybe it’s too much? You decide!!!



November 14 - 2011

Since we recently went over the idea of there being an equipable backpack in the game I thought it might be a good idea to mock one up.  June 15 - 2011

.Here are some sketches that i actually did in my sketchbook for once. I like the gun designs on the bottom of that image. The other sketches are for plants…June 14 - 2011 June 14 - 2011_2