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New Terrain System – Continued

So the initial implementation of the terrain triplanar shader had a few quirky issues with it. Spent some time optimizing the code and cleaned it up, now the normal maps work correctly on the terrain. Found ways to expose hidden lightmapping settings in Beast, so now the lightmaps do not blow out. Also tweaked the player skin shader so it doesn't blow out as well. All in all things are feeling more coherent and solid, which always makes me happy :D

New Terrain System

We've been working hard on our new terrain system. Also been working on the terrain shader, which is a TriPlanar shader that blends between 3 textures + 3 normal maps. Here are some early work in progress screenshots.
new-terrain-system_01 new-terrain-system_02 new-terrain-system_03 new-terrain-system_04...

More Hairstyles

Just wanted to post a quick update about all the new hair styles we are working on. Some previews of them in game while PastyWhite is texturing them:
hair-style_03 hair-style_04 hair-style_05...

Hair, Equippable Armor, and More!

Not too many updates lately because we have been super busy cramming new features into the game. We now have hair with accurate transparency, no more alpha clipped garbage. Worked on the item code and streamlined it, made it so you can equip armor and clothing, also changed the hair shaders to have a color chooser for hair color, instead of a texture map, allowing the player to pick any color they want and using only the texture map for alpha information and color variation. More to come, so stay tuned! hair-transparency_01 hair-transparency_02...

Hair! Finally!

No more bald chick running around. We now have our first hairstyle modeled and PastyWhite is in the process of texturing it up. Will be implemented shortly.

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